LFHS School Board

Candidates Debate

March 10, 2013








LFHS begins at 54:56


57:17  Opening Statements

1:05:12  School Board members are elected at large and do not represent just their own wards or even their own towns. What do you think the board should do to ensure they are in touch with the families and taxpayers of both Lake Forest and Lake Bluff?

1:11:10  What activities if any have you undertaken to prepare for your possible role as a school board member and how much time do you anticipate that it will take to become a fully informed board member?

1:17:02  How would you have handled the teachers strike at District 115 differently and how would you avoid one in the future?

1:22:56  Does the District have a good teacher evaluation system; are there ways it could be improved; does the district hire teachers who have the minimum Master’s Degree and if not what does the District do to encourage a Master’s Degree?

1:29:05  Our “per pupil” spending at District 115 is among the highest in the state. Is the District appropriately funded? What if any changes would you encourage as a board member?

1:34:40  Closing Statements

1:42:28  LFHS ends


I am a Patriot Guard Rider and my wife is a retired soldier so I have immense respect for Mr. Ted Moorman, candidate for the LFHS board. He flew in command of C-5 Galaxy for 23 years in service to Grenada, Panama, the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The integrity of such a man is not to be questioned. But he has a handicapped plate on his car and I have learned that it was not from a war injury. Mr. Moorman is the only District 115 candidate to decline to be interviewed by a Caucus, so he was never asked about that.

C-5B Galaxy is a huge plane, so it is expensive. $8 million is as much as any house in Lake Forest and perhaps as much as a half-dozen of them. But that is only the price of the avionics upgrade of the plane that Lt. Col. Moorman was flying in on April 3, 2006.

The value of his C-5B was $312 million.

A mechanical problem required the crew to return to Dover AFB in Maryland from which they had just left. They mishandled the throttle and the flaps and they did not follow the prescribed glide path. Those three pilot errors had them a mile from the runway at only 150 feet and traveling at 127 knots, 20 knots below the stall speed.

They belly-flopped and slid 1900 feet.

The plane was piloted by three officers. The two ranking officers were Lt. Col. Moorman and Lt. Col. Nelson. Lt. Col. Nelson testified before the accident board. Lt. Col. Moorman was not willing to testify. All had been warned they faced potential disciplinary actions for dereliction of duty. None had slept more than four hours the night before the crash.

In October, 2006, Lt. Col. Moorman was disciplined for his role in the loss of the plane and the risk of the 17 souls aboard.







update 4/4:  In a poorly-written sentence, the candidate published in patch, "...and it is a shame when an individual (and LB Caucus member) must cowardly hide behind an anonymous name while slandering me."

To be clear, I have not acted anonymously nor have I slandered (or libeled) the Lt. Col. but it is unfortunate that the two links went bad after I posted them here, which is curious timing.  The entire text from the second link is:

Five Air Force crewmen have been disciplined for their roles in the April crash of a C-5 near Dover Air Force Base, Del., military officials said.

Tech. Sgt. Veronica A. Aceveda confirmed the actions but did not specify the sanctions or name those involved. An investigative report released in June blamed the crash on a series of errors by three pilots and two flight engineers assigned to Doverís Reserve 512th Airlift Wing. They were identified in that report as Capt. Brian LaFreda, Lt. Col. Harlan Nelson, Lt. Col. Robert Moorman, Tech. Sgt Vincent Dvorak and Master Sgt. Timothy Feiring.

Officials said the punishments were handed down within the past month, but they declined to elaborate.

All 17 people on the plane survived when it crashed short of Dover's longest runway. 

I encourage everyone to follow the link I had posted above at "Lt. Col. Moorman was flying in" to understand the Lt. Col.'s limited role.

see also:  http://lakeforest.patch.com/blog_posts/conflict-for-district-115-board-candidate-steve-reimer#comments


And finally, the contents I found at the two links I relied on may now be found at:





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