Tuesday, October 09, 2012: The representatives of the LFHS Board and the LFEA union had reached a preliminary agreement that got the teachers back inthe classrooms.  The teachers voted to accept the deal this afternoon and this evening, so did the Board.

In contemplation of both step (seniority) increases and inflation the Board offered a 9.7 percent salary increase over 3 years. The teachers’ union wanted 18.8 percent over 3 years. They settled on 13.1 percent over 4 years*, which was 10.4 over the first 3.

So, for the next 3 years (to make it apples to apples) the Board agreed to pay 0.75 percentage points more than they originally offered and the teachers’ union agreed to take 8.32 percentage points less than they originally wanted. The math is this:

The board offered 1.026 * 1.034 * 1.034 = 1.0969

The LFEA wanted 1.056 * 1.065 * 1.056 = 1.1876

The final 3-year result was 1.027 * 10.38 * 1.036 = 1.1044

and for 4 years was 1.027 * 10.38 * 1.036 * 1.024 = 1.1309

The deal is retroactive to July 1st but the teachers will not be paid for the five strike days, though the school year will be lengthened by five days and the teachers will be able to work those. The unfair practices complaints filed by both sides have been withdrawn.  So it's over.

In other words, the strike was just a big waste. The teachers could have continued their record of strike-free accords. Instead they struck and got nothing except a tarnished record. The Board deserves credit: The most lavishly salaried teachers in Illinois asked for the sky but the Board maintained their reasonable position until the teachers came around.

This is a teachable moment for the Board, however. The LFEA is willing to ask for the sky and strike to back it up. They have no shame. The Board must be ready to continue LFHS operations without the teachers for weeks, or perhaps months, when this new contract expires.



*Assuming 2.9 percent level of consumer inflation in year 3 and the minimum level in year 4.


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