First of all, they are children. When we call them young adults, that is more a goal than it is a description. They live at home and they go to the high school their parents have selected for them.

And if the school is a vendor, they are not the customers. The customer is the one who pays for the purchase. Their parents and their neighbors are the customers.

Their parents and their neighbors have purchased this high school experience for these children. The children are not the decision-makers.  And the children should never see the parents fighting, much less take sides.

Hannah Lessthanthree posts to the teachers FB page: “We appreciate you teachers! thank you for standing up for our futures!”

Samiicakes Haltom posts to the teachers FB page: “Guys, seriously. Come back. I'm sure you've heard about how BS today was. We all miss you guys to death! Come back and give us the education we deserve”

Why are the teachers engaging the children on FB? ( How is it relevant for the teachers to publish the opinions of the children? In what universe is it proper to exploit the children for their own enrichment?


And it really doesn’t matter that the children are willing for the same reason that “I wanted him to.” is no defense to statutory rape. We have expectations of their behavior in loco parentis when they are in school, but we are not entitled to those expectations when they are on strike?

Kevin Doherty wants to do a candlelight vigil this evening (Tuesday 9/18) and so the teacher’s FB page spreads the word. Children holding candles – that is what the teachers want. Why does that justify a raise for the teachers? Teacher Lisa $74,593 Huffman posts “Thanks so much Kevin!” How is that self-serving manipulation not shameful?

To his credit, it took another student, Sean Jones, to post the obvious error: “While I respect you for advocating what you believe (regardless if I agree), I feel that making it ‘candlelight’ makes it overdramatic and in bad taste due to what candlelight vigils have recently been used for in our community” Shouldn’t a caring teacher have noted that? One not blinded by self-interest?

Nina Muñoz posts to the teachers FB page: “It bothers me that the only people avidly against the teachers are those who lack a good idea of what's really going on. This is just blind hatred, something you'd think by now the human race would understand is bad. I've tried to keep emotions out of my position the entire time but who am I kidding: I am madly, intensely, unwaveringly passionate about the truth in all this and I am sick and tired of hear-say, foundation-less facts, and childish games. Both sides need to sit down and work something reasonable out so that my little brother can be prepared for his standardized tests and so that my parents can stop wasting their tax dollars.”

Teacher Joe $137,433 Pulio posts in response: “Thanks for walking with me yesterday Nina! You are an incredibly intelligent and caring person and always have been. Your passion for truth has always been one of your greatest strenghts!”

Apparently, critical thinking goes out the window when his wallet is at stake.

Ross Kugman posts to the teachers FB page, perhaps to his parents’ surprise: “LFHS teachers have my full support! Love you guys, and thank you for practically raising me for four years :) Hang in there!”

Teacher Deb $87,506 Schneider posts in response: “Proud to know you, Ross! Thank you!”

What does she have to be proud of in his gushing endorsement?

Mollie Jo Blahunka posts to the teachers FB page: “Tomorrow is going to be so weird without all of you. Being in the school the past couple of days felt strange enough, but now that we're having ‘academic’ days, I don't know how we're going to do it without you. Keep fighting, I'm proud to call you my teachers, and I can't wait until we're back where we all belong: the classroom. Missing you all!!!”

Teacher spouse Stephanie Crawford $90,637 Kollasch posts in response: “Hang in there Mollie. The teachers truly appreciate your support!!!”

I wonder what she would think if strangers gave her children advise.

Alex Zylka posts to the teachers FB page: “Hey teachers... you guys are awesome. I know from a lot of you that this is real tough, but hopefully it gets better! I really can't imagine life without real school and real teachers. Don't go away! We all need you here, and there's nothing that can replace all of you. I really hate how almost all of Lake Forest is siding with the board, and the stupid tactics they're using against you all. It's not cool. Hopefully all of LFHS can reunite again soon! Stay strong. P.S. I miss school.”

Four women teachers jump on that. Teacher Elizabeth $87,866 Lopez: “I miss our daily ‘walk and talks’ down the hallway.”

Teacher Marni $93,795 Levinson: “Fernando, eres muy valiente! Espero verte durante periodo 6 muy, muy pronto. Gracias por tus palabras.”

(Fernando, you're very brave! I hope to see you during the period 6 very, very soon. Thank you for your words.)

Teacher Andrea $94,255 Lemke: “Zylka, you are awesome.”

Teacher Tamar $134,325 Cooney: “Thanks Alex!!! P.S. did you finish Ch 7? =)”

She successfully engages him and he responds: “Haha Ms. Cooney... all about the school work still. You're all awesome. Hopefully I'll be seeing you all soon!”




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