June, 2013: An LFHS staffer faces a minimum of 61 years in prison if convicted for engaging in ten separate acts of oral sex with a LFHS minor female student and eight other sexual offenses including another LFHS minor female student.


April, 2014:  Ex-LFHS staffer pleads guilty.





August, 2015:  “School officials said a student made a report in May, saying that [the 64 year old male LFEA member] came to [a 17 year old female LFHS student's] home and 'made inappropriate contact.'  Following the police investigation, the Lake County State's Attorney's office charged [him] with two counts of misdemeanor battery involving physical contact."





October, 2015:  The [LFHS] board adopted Charges of Dismissal and a Bill of Particulars against [the LFEA member], who has been on paid administrative leave since May. This is the first step toward removing a tenured teacher, District Communications Director Anne Whipple stated...

“If the board takes this action, [he] will be suspended without pay,” [Superintendent Michael] Simeck said.

“He may request a hearing before a hearing officer. If he fails to make this request he will be dismissed. If he requests a hearing, the charges and evidence will be presented by district legal counsel at the hearing.”






January, 2016:  Former LFEA member (2011/12 LFHS salary: $84,399) charged with felony aggravated sexual abuse:

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In the interest of conveying accurate information and dispelling rumors, I would like to inform you that a former LFHS employee, Ben Zollo, has been formally charged with one felony count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Ben is no longer associated with LFHS but taught, coached, or subbed at LFHS from 2007 to 2012. He was arrested at his current school, Lincoln Park High School, in Chicago. Based on the information that we have, there is no indication that the minor involved is a current and/or former LFHS student.

Mike Simeck



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