Tuesday morning. The fifth day of the strike. The second day of programed student opportunities. The first day I assisted as a community volunteer.

I was told to find room 160 by 7:00 in the morning. Just before I left home I checked the teachers FB page and found a criticism just above Breen:

The school board didn’t want the strike – that was the teacher’s idea. But they must claim that it was the school board that called for the strike so the board is to blame. Illogical, but this is not about logic. So I was glad for Patrick Ryan to make that point.

The day was fine. I stood in the hallway outside the classroom to which I was assigned and checked the students “passports” as they entered. At the end of the day, the students turn in their passports and the attendance office has documentation of how the student spent the day.

It was fun for me. I didn’t realize how many of the students I knew.

I came home and checked the teacher’s FB page again. Patrick Ryan was gone.  The page goes from Breen to Nita:

The page moderator had deleted the criticism. Their FB page is not for debate. It is not for discussion of the issues. It is not for truth.

As Andrew Breitbart said, “The truth is not mean. It’s the truth.”

But from the page moderators perspective, it really doesn’t matter whether its mean or truth – if it impedes the enrichment of the teachers, it does not get on his page.

Ironically (or hypocritically) elsewhere on the teacher’s FB page, John Smith voiced Partick Ryan’s objections, were he allowed to express it:

John, I know what you mean. I recently had the same experience. I wrote a careful, thoughtful argument advocating for individual teachers to cross the picket line. "No foul language." Polite, legitimate, relevant and timely. I posted it to the teacher’s FB page. It was deleted and the teacher's FB page moderator has prevented me from posting there any further. So I posted it to the Gazebo News.


The teacher’s FB page is propaganda. It is not about truth and it is not for thoughtful debate. It is about teacher morale and solidarity. The teachers delude themselves if they believe their own propaganda.




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