LFHS English teacher Peter Lubliner is in the middle of the photo below.

After I took his photo he informed me, "You can't interfere.  Its illegal."

I said nothing so he ran to the LFPD officer on the scene.

The officer informed me that if I were to touch poor Peter, I would be arrested.

I had done nothing to warrant such a warning, but I understand that the squeaky wheel gets the oil.


And this mouse was squeaking.  He turned to me and told me that I couldn't talk to him.

Well, I hadn't talked at all to that point but I then said, "So you think talking is the same as touching?"

And I took his picture.


He turned to the officer and said, "I feel threatened. I feel threatened."

(He actually said it twice.)

Then he turned to me and said, "You can't take my picture anymore."

Then he turned back to the officer and said, "I want his pictures of me deleted out of that camera."

So, with him looking at the policeman, and the policeman looking at me, I took his picture again. 




93 percent of the labor force is not unionized.  The employees are paid whatever the employer thinks they are worth and if any employee thinks he can get a better deal someplace else, he is free to go get it.  It is a relationship based on real values and respect.

Unions transform that relationship into an adversarial one.  Values are replaced with naked power and respect is replaced with mutual suspicion.  Unions bring out the worst in us and they cannot ever be appeased.

Paying them more for feigning righteous indignation rewards bad behavior.  Besides, Peter Lubliner is not Cesar Chavez.







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